(dsssl) read-entity

Subject: (dsssl) read-entity
From: "Maltby, David G" <david.g.maltby@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 09:54:41 -0400
Hello all -

I have the need to read a file, other then the one I am processing with Jade
(v1.2, SP 1.3.2), to use the information as part of the processing.  Norm
Walsh, in the Modular DocBook Stylesheet Library $Id: dblib.dsl,v 1.42
1999/04/20 12:51:11 nwalsh Exp $, uses a procedure called (read-entity) to
handle this task.  More specifically:

(define (include-file fileref)
  ;; REFENTRY include-file
  ;; PURP Return the literal content of fileref
  ;; DESC
  ;; Opens and loads fileref with (read-entity); returns the content
  ;; of fileref as a (literal).  Trims the last trailing newline off
  ;; the file so that "the right thing" happens in asis environments.
  ;; /DESC
  (let* ((newline #\U-000D)
   (file-content  (read-entity fileref))
   (file-length   (string-length file-content))
   ;; If the last char is a newline, drop it, otherwise print it...
   (content       (if (equal? newline (string-ref file-content
              (- file-length 1)))
          (substring file-content 0 (- file-length 1))
    (literal content)))

However after adding the (include-file) procedure to my DSSSL library and
calling it in an element rule, Jade complains 'reference to undefined
variable "read-entity"'.  I do not find (read-entity) defined anywhere in
the Modular DocBook Stylesheet Library, the DSSSL Documentation Project
Procedures Library, nor the DSSSL Standard.  I was hoping that this was a
Jade extension. Does anyone know how this is being done? I am not using

Regards, David Maltby
Cocoa Beach, FL

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