Re: (dsssl) read-entity

Subject: Re: (dsssl) read-entity
From: "Paul Tyson" <ptyso@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 07:31:39 -0700

Indeed it is a jade extension.  From the openjade 1.3 documentation:

External entity access
(read-entity string)
This returns a string containing
        the contents of the external entity with system
        identifier string. This should be
        used only for textual entities (CDATA and SDATA), and not
        for binary entities (NDATA).

You'll have to define it as a procedure in your stylesheet like this:

(define read-entity
  (external-procedure "UNREGISTERED::James Clark//Procedure::read-entity"))

Paul Tyson

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Subject: (dsssl) read-entity

> Hello all -
> I have the need to read a file, other then the one I am processing with
> (v1.2, SP 1.3.2), to use the information as part of the processing.  Norm
> Walsh, in the Modular DocBook Stylesheet Library $Id: dblib.dsl,v 1.42
> 1999/04/20 12:51:11 nwalsh Exp $, uses a procedure called (read-entity) to
> handle this task.  More specifically:
> (define (include-file fileref)
>   ;; REFENTRY include-file
>   ;; PURP Return the literal content of fileref
>   ;; DESC
>   ;; Opens and loads fileref with (read-entity); returns the content
>   ;; of fileref as a (literal).  Trims the last trailing newline off
>   ;; the file so that "the right thing" happens in asis environments.
>   ;; /DESC
>   ;; /REFENTRY
>   (let* ((newline #\U-000D)
>    (file-content  (read-entity fileref))
>    (file-length   (string-length file-content))
>    ;; If the last char is a newline, drop it, otherwise print it...
>    (content       (if (equal? newline (string-ref file-content
>               (- file-length 1)))
>           (substring file-content 0 (- file-length 1))
>           file-content)))
>     (literal content)))
> However after adding the (include-file) procedure to my DSSSL library and
> calling it in an element rule, Jade complains 'reference to undefined
> variable "read-entity"'.  I do not find (read-entity) defined anywhere in
> the Modular DocBook Stylesheet Library, the DSSSL Documentation Project
> Procedures Library, nor the DSSSL Standard.  I was hoping that this was a
> Jade extension. Does anyone know how this is being done? I am not using
> DocBook.
> Regards, David Maltby
> Cocoa Beach, FL
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