Re: (dsssl) XML Document used by DSSSL

Subject: Re: (dsssl) XML Document used by DSSSL
From: jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:09:53 +0200 (MEST)
On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Yann Dirson wrote:

> Jany wrote:
> > Yes. Remember that after all, even with all the fuss made around it, XML
> > is SGML.
> Well, it's true as long as you use XML DTDs, but what if you want to
> drop them for using W3C schemas for example ?
Well, j'aimerais bien le savoir.
Actually, it is something I am wondering about, since I heard speak of
DCDs and schemas. And I don't know. As I am an SGML user, I *want* to see 
XML as SGML, but I am not certain that I am able to hold this in the (not 
so far) future.

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