(dsssl) newbie coding question

Subject: (dsssl) newbie coding question
From: Trent Shipley <tcshipley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 15:08:44 -0700

I have started working on my dissertation using TEI and the DSSSL
stylesheet for JADE (now openjade) indicated below.


;; DSSSL style sheet for TEI-Lite print output
;; Started 1996.07.27
;; This version 1996.12.10; V1.0
;; Richard Light


Light has the following style definition:

(define p-style
   font-size: *bf-size*
   line-spacing: (* *bf-size* *line-spacing-factor*)))

That he uses repeatedly, eg:

 (make paragraph
       use: p-style

However, I want to have different formatting based on context.  For
example, notes should be one font size smaller and single spaced.


Unfortunately constructs like the below dont work.  Depending on the
variation that I try the OpenJade parser says there is no current 
node to provide a context, or the function fails to return a value of
type style, or it an object having a given id number can't be found. 

(define p-style-prime
  (cond ((has-ancestor "NOTE")(note-p-style))
        (else (standard-p-style))))

(define standard-p-style
   font-size: *bf-size*
   line-spacing: (* *bf-size* *line-spacing-factor*)))

(define note-p-style
   font-size: (- *bf-size* 1pt)
   line-spacing: *bf-size*))


I would like to reuse this decision process as much as possible
instead of having to have near duplicate code based on a common
template that eliminates the need for the sort of repitition indicated below.






Ideally the cast would be polymorphic so that a call to
p-style-prime uses the current (nodal) context.  However, a call with
the form (p-style-prime this-node) would be fine provided someone can
tell me how to name "this-node".

(p-style-prime (and a long list of parameters)) would not be

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