Re: (dsssl) jade-output-format with CRLF before >

Subject: Re: (dsssl) jade-output-format with CRLF before >
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 10:10:33 -0600
Quoting Lutz Pliske <pliske@xxxxxxxx>:
> I know that jade is formating the output -for a good reason- with a CRLF
> before the tag-closing '>", so that it looks like this:
> <table
> ><tr
> ><td ...
> That´s OK to me but not my customer .. so my question is:
   Jade does this as a way to avoid long lines without introducing
spurious whitespace.  It would not be correct for it to arbitrarily
insert whitespace anywhere else.
   If you can upgrade to OpenJade (1.3 is fine, very stable and with a
number of nice improvements over the stock Jade), there is a new
option for this.  Specifying "-t sgml-raw" instead of "-t sgml" will
omit the newlines before the ">" in tags.  Of course, if you end up
with really long lines because of this, that's your problem. :)
   If you want a newline after every opening tag, you'll need to code
that into your stylesheet.

-Brandon :)

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