Re: (dsssl) OpenJade 2.0 discussion

Subject: Re: (dsssl) OpenJade 2.0 discussion
From: Trent Shipley <tcshipley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 07:22:04 -0700
My reading is that the folks are pretty protective of the 
DSSSL list.  They never have specified what is on-topic.  However, they have 
been dropping pretty strong hints that they want the OJ2 discussion OFF their 

It means less publicity for OJ2, but it is their list.

On Thursday 10 January 2002 04:31, Javier Farreres de la Morena wrote:
> Some people have pointed out to carry on the discussion in the OpenJade
> discussion lists.
> In my oppinion, discussing OpenJade means discussing about DSSSL. For this
> reason this discussion was taken from OpenJade-devel to the DSSSLList.
> Perhaps the correct thing would be to crosspost to both lists.
> But I am now not sure where to post messages. Should I stay in the DSSSL
> List or go back to OpenJade devel. I am open to oppinions.
> Javi
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