(dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption

Subject: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption
From: "B. Tommie Usdin" <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:59:39 -0500
We are Mulberry have started our annual Web site "spring cleaning". In doing so, we have noticed that the DSSSL Documentation Project has been inactive for several years, and still attracts a fair amount of traffic. (That is, nothing has been added since May 1998, but it is still one of the more heavily visited pages on our site. I find this interesting.)
I suspect, since there is still an active DSSSL user community, that if the right person/organization were to maintain this material that it could continue to grow. Mulberry would be happy to give this material to anyone who wants to maintain it in some sort of open/public manner.

We will be happy to continue to make this information available as long as people are using it, just as we will continue to provide DSSSList, if it is wanted. However, our emphasis has shifted away from DSSSL to XSL, for purely pragmatic reasons. We like DSSSL, but our clients are more interested in XSLT and XSLFO, and we are in business to make money as well as to do good and have fun. 

If you are interested in adopting the DSSSL Documentation Project, or have a suggestion as to who might be, please let me know. 
-- Tommie
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