Re: (dsssl) display-group and jadetex

Subject: Re: (dsssl) display-group and jadetex
From: Adam DiCarlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Feb 2003 16:06:04 -0600
Ian Castle <ian.castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'll have a look at option (a)...

I was thinking about this more and looking at the space-before,
space-after, and display-space object handling.  I'm not entirely
clear where the bug lies.  First I thought it was here:


But I think that's harmless and doesn't actually add vertical spacing,
just clears any current para -- not sure though.  In @endDisplayGroup
we read:

 \everypar{{\leavevmode\setbox\z@\lastbox \UseJadevskip{everypar}}%
   \everypar{\UseJadevskip {everypar}}%

That might be a problem, or not, I don't know.

I couldn't get much further but what I thought about doing was some
raw DSSSL using display-group to show the problem.  Diagnosing it the
context of Docbook-DSSSL is rather complicated since it's often using
nested sequences and such and I'm not even clear on how display-space
contract is *supposed* to work in that context.

Anyhow, please do let me know if you would like a simple (non-DocBook)
XML and DSSSL file to try to demonstrate the problem...

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