(dsssl) Controlling line breaks

Subject: (dsssl) Controlling line breaks
From: Tim McDaniel <tmcd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 02:29:12 -0600 (CST)
I'm going to post a couple of questions, so I suppose I should mention
my background.  I have a lot of familiarity with Lisp and Scheme but
very little with DSSSL.  I inherited a DSL file from another developer
and have only done a couple of small obvious tweaks.  Having become
frustrated with a few features, I would like to do more than tweak ...
I downloaded the standard, but I'm afraid my eyes are glazing at
around page 16.  I have done some Googling and reading the archives.

One of the parts of the DSL file generates HTML.  The output, of
course, looks like


which I find ugly.  I noticed something in the archives where someone
recommended OpenJade with -tsgml-raw, so I installed OpenJade (Debian
is sooo convenient that way).  The result was 1158 repetitions of
    openjade:/usr/share/sgml/dtd/catalog:18:0:W: DTDDECL catalog
    entries are not supported
with different line numbers, so I got discouraged quickly.  Any way to
do it in Jade, which I've been using hitherto, or should I just cobble
together an Emacs defun to postprocess?

I would also like to insert line breaks at certain points (two before
each H2, one after each /P, und so weiter).  Despite assurances that
DSSSL's language is just like Scheme, it does not appear to recognize
\#newline, at least how I used it.  I finally hit upon the obvious
    (literal "
and got "&013;" in my output.  Grrr.  Again, any way to do it in Jade,
or should I cobble together an Emacs defun to postprocess?

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