(dsssl) Setting font size for header and footer

Subject: (dsssl) Setting font size for header and footer
From: Tim McDaniel <tmcd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 02:28:24 -0600 (CST)
The people who have replied to my several beginner questions have all
been very helpful, and I am quite grateful.  I hope nobody is
resentful of my coming back with more questions -- anyone who is
annoyed would, I hope, feel quite free to delete my e-mail unanswered.

Tonight's problem, for anyone who would be so kind: I have a
style-specification for RTF output.  I have now parameterized the
various sizes and spaces in a bunch of defines at the top.  That way,
I hope to be able to change the whole thing to 9pt without having to
edit the result in a word processor.

Currently, they're
    ... margin stuff ...
    (define normal-point-size    24pt) ; 10pt
    (define large-point-size     12pt)
    (define larger-point-size    14pt)
    (define header-point-size    18pt) ; 8pt
    (define signature-height     (* 3 normal-point-size))
    (define extra-discussion-space-before 3pt)

The ones with comments above I increased temporarily to see whether it
was indeed using my parameters.  Every time I do a "make paragraph"
I supply the "font-size:" explicitly.  (Similarly in each "make
simple-page-sequence", I supply the margin info.)

The problem is how to implement header-point-size.  It's currently

I give the page header in various calls of
  (make simple-page-sequence
          ;; set margins et cetera

          left-header:   (literal "COVER LETTER")
          center-header: (make sequence
                          (literal "Page ")
                          (literal " of FIXME")
          right-header:  (literal "December 2002")

The header text is staying in 10-point text.

I looked in the DSSSL spec.  "literal" does not accept "font-size:",
so far as I can see.  "make paragraph" does, and I tried it, but that
put three paragraph breaks into my header, which is Really Wrong.
"make character" does allow font-size:, but I don't see how to use it.

Would I have to re-implement my own version of literal, splitting the
argument string(s) into individual characters and doing a "make
character" on each (and a "make sequence" around the whole)?  If so,
that looks exceedingly painful, what with specifying
allowed-ligatures:, space?:, input-whitespace?:, ...

What am I missing?

Tim McDaniel (home); Reply-To: tmcd@xxxxxxxxx; work is tmcd@xxxxxxxxxxx

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