RE: (dsssl) font properties and PIs

Subject: RE: (dsssl) font properties and PIs
From: "Maltby, David G" <david.g.maltby@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 11:58:45 -0500
Hi Ian -

> From: Ian Zimmerman [mailto:itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> I would like to get the value that TeX calls "1em".  I suspect I have
> to call font-property (12.5.7), but what are the parameters?  Where
> are the relevant public IDs listed?

I can not help here.

> Second, (more of a pure curiosity question), how does one gain access
> to processing instructions from DSSSL?  So far the only method I could
> think of (and I didn't try it) is to call (children (current-node))
> and walk the list.  Why so difficult?  I.e. why isn't there a 
> rule form
> (pi ...
> like there is
> (element ...

And I am not sure if this will help here, I avoid PIs in general, but I do
check for then in my default rule (which implements an identity transform)

  (if (equal? (node-property 'class-name (current-node)) 'element)
    (if (node-property "must-omit-end-tag?" (current-node))
      (make empty-element gi: (case-fold-up (gi))
                  attributes: (copy-attributes))
      (make element gi: (case-fold-up (gi))
            attributes: (copy-attributes)))
    ;else not element
    (if (equal? (node-property 'class-name (current-node)) 'pi)
      (literal (node-property 'system-data (current-node)))
      (literal (node-property 'class-name (current-node))))))

Perhaps this will give you a lead on where you want to go.

- David

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