Re: (dsssl) font properties and PIs

Subject: Re: (dsssl) font properties and PIs
From: Ian Zimmerman <itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Apr 2003 09:26:22 -0800
itz> Second, (more of a pure curiosity question), how does one gain access
itz> to processing instructions from DSSSL?  So far the only method I could
itz> think of (and I didn't try it) is to call (children (current-node))
itz> and walk the list.  Why so difficult?  I.e. why isn't there a 
itz> rule form

David> And I am not sure if this will help here, I avoid PIs in general, 

So do I, but I haven't had to handle the actual formatting until now :)

David> but I do check for then in my default rule (which implements an
David> identity transform) thus:

Makes excellent sense, I didn't think of the default rule.

"This is the patent age of new inventions
For killing bodies, and for saving souls,
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