(dsssl) Loop and Data content

Subject: (dsssl) Loop and Data content
From: "Javier Farreres de la Morena" <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 11:19:22 +0200
>From: =?iso-8859-2?Q?Miros=B3aw_Prywata?= <Miroslaw.Prywata@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: (dsssl) simple loop  question
>I have simple problem with processing node list in loop. I do not know
>to put increment condition (finally I comment it out and jade is processing
>only the first element as expected).

Loop is a functional construction. It is the named let.
Scheme works on recursion, not on iteration, but on a special kind of recursion,
final recursion.

Final recursion is that in which the recursive call is the last one to be
executed. It is usually implemented with an accumulator.


(let loop ((x 10)
           (acc 0)
     (if (= x 0) 
         (loop (- x 1) (+ x acc))))

This portion of code executes the sum of values of x from 1 to the initial
value of x. The execution would be:

(loop 10 0)
(loop 9 10)
(loop 8 19)
(loop 7 27)
(loop 6 34)
(loop 5 40)
(loop 4 45)
(loop 3 49)
(loop 2 52)
(loop 1 54)
(loop 0 55)

Final recursion is equivalent to iterations, it executes in constant space.

>From: Ian Zimmerman <itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: (dsssl) simple loop  question
>DSSSL is a functional language, so use recursion instead of iteration,
>or even better, use higher order functions.  I haven't checked your
>code for anything else, but this should convey the idea:

Yes, much better use higher order functions. They are supposed to be efficiently

>From: tmcd@xxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: (dsssl) simple loop  question
>>> The following function should proceses current (or given) node
>>> list, wrap character data with <mi>element and process other
>>> elements.
>So there is a way to get character data?  I was wondering how to
>distinguish the input
>    <ltt-name></ltt-name>
>    <ltt-name>A name goes here</ltt-name>

In the first case, the grove element will not have content. In the other
case it will have content in form of data-char nodes, one for each letter.

You can obtain the text with the data procedure.


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