(dsssl) Two-sided / first page recto

Subject: (dsssl) Two-sided / first page recto
From: tmcd@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 17:20:18 -0400 (EDT)
I'm using Jade or OpenJade on Debian Linux.  (That is, I currently use
OpenJoade but I've used Jade in the past and I don't know any reason I
couldn't go back.)

I had a decent structure to generate several separate documents from
the same XML: a cover letter, the main body, a "special exceptions"
document.  Now I am told that US Postal Service NetPost Mailing Online
accepts only one file for a particular mailing, so I have to generate
them all in one document.  (I controlled it all via global Boolean
defines.  Replacing simple globals with modes will probably hurt ...
Gad, I want changeable global or dynamic variables so bad I can taste
it ...)

As far as I can tell from the on-line docs, the general page-sequence
model is supported in neither Jade nor OpenJade, so I have only
whatever simple-page-sequence provides.  Yes?

I can see the Jade/OpenJade extension
    page-number-restart?: #t
to make each what-used-to-be-its-own-document start its own page
number at 1 (if I import it as a characteristic extension).  True?

Since it's duplex printing, I want each used-to-be document to start
on an odd-numbered (right-hand, recto) page.  Is there any code to
force a simple-page-sequence to start on a recto page?  I found some
list messages that say you can't, but there was a thread in late
February 2001 with things like

    Subject: RE: (dsssl) twoside
    From: "Gershon Leib Joseph" <gershon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:51:33 +0200
    Importance: Normal

    Jade extends the simple-page-sequence to add support for two-sided
    printing.  This was done as an interim solution until the full
    duplex pagination functionality is implemented (not sure it ever
    will be implemented in full)

and "its activated by something in those patches to OpenJade, I
think." ("Sebastian Rahtz"
<sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)  I also found

    Set the following in your customization stylesheet:
    (define %two-side% #t)

but that is in a Docbook page and it says "DSSSL to PDF and
Postscript".  I've not used Docbook at all -- it doesn't seem from the
name to be applicable, though I've not looked at it -- and the PDF
versions of my output are a little off from what I want.

Tim McDaniel, tmcd@xxxxxxxxx; tmcd@xxxxxxxxxx is my work address

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