Re: (dsssl) ATA 100 SGML

Subject: Re: (dsssl) ATA 100 SGML
From: Ian Castle <ian.castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 06:46:06 +0100
On Friday 25 Apr 2003 3:25 am, Bill Bussell wrote:
> I would like to use a composer engine with aircraft ATA 100 compliant SGML
> to produce a formatted output.  What about using Jade?  I am looking for
> recommendations and ideas.
> Bill B

If you've got the ATA-100 DTD then you should be able to do something (is this 
DTD freely available?).

I would recommend using openjade rather than jade - either the latest windows 
build (1.3.1) or whatever you can find for you operating system. Source is 
available from

I don't know what the ATA-100 (2100?) DTD looks like, but you will either have 
to start your stylesheet from scratch... or if it is similar to other DTDs 
you may be able to find and adapt another set of stylesheets. The most 
comprehensive (but complex) stylesheets that are freely available are those 
for the DocBook DTD

A slightly different approach would be to use openjade (opensp) to convert 
your SGML to XML (osx is the tool - part of openjade up to 1.3.1, distributed 
with OpenSP 1.5 which is the most recent version), then use XSLT or DSSSL to 
format (you would probably need an XML compliant DTD though).

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