RE: [dssslist] Character entities in DSSSL stylesheet

Subject: RE: [dssslist] Character entities in DSSSL stylesheet
From: "N. Raghavendra" <raghu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 15:46:55 +0530
At 2004-07-07T09:19:29-04:00, Maltby, David G wrote:

> Since your style sheet is where the name "author" is declared and
> managed, rather than using an entity to define "author" use a more
> powerful and flexible procedure.
> For example:
> myfoo.dsl:

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest.  In the sample file I had posted, for
simplicity I declared the entity `author' in the stylesheet itself.
In my actual situation, it is declared in another file which is used
by both the SGML source and the DSSSL stylesheet.


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