Re: [dssslist] Re: Markup Technology Position

Subject: Re: [dssslist] Re: Markup Technology Position
From: "Pavel Tolkachev" <pavel.tolkachev@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:12:13 -0400
Hello Javi:

Interesting question. Here are some my thoughts about it:

1. People do not cry out loud about the things that are free and just silently perform. Just no need..
2. Another reason for XML/XSLT popularity vs SGML/DSSSL is that the fomer pair are readily available (and more or less readable) W3C standards and the second belongs to ISO. To me ISO is a patented cemetery for good technical ideas for 2 reaons:
2.1. Its pricing and copyright policies make the standards hardly affordable to the students, who are IMHO one of themain workhorse of the technical progress.
2.2. The ISO's passion to perfection makes the standards hardly readable even for the seasoned practitioners.

Who now remembers DDF, for example, which came long before SGML as a ubiquitous data exchange format (and is filled with useful features for the purpose still unbeat by SGML and even XML+Schema)? It is an ISO standard, by the way... and there are known applications (SDTS and CGM are only 2 examples) and an open source library supported by the government (FIPS123) which plays similar role to DDF to the one of SP/OpenSP for SGML.


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Hi David Maltby

>The DSSSList is not the active hotspot of markup discourse that it used
>to be but it is still my belief that the best and brightest markup
>technologists are subscribed to this list. The last markup person we
>hired was someone I met through the DSSSList. Given the low traffic on
>the list, I hope you will forgive my rudeness in using the list to post
>notice of our need for a top notch doc-head. Heck, we still use Jade and
>DSSSL in our production products, although we are driving it out in
>favor of XSLT.
You explained the reason for this list to have so low trafic. Many are
replacing DSSSL with XSLT. But do you think they are equivalent? I don't
think so. XSLT doesn't allow you to do what DSSSL can do. Of course,
DSSSL development is not complete in OpenJade, but I plan to change this.

I hope you find someone for your working place. In fact, I have met some
other companies who use DSSSL in their work flow. Everyone sais DSSSL is
not used, but when you scratch a bit, it is widely used. Why do
companies using DSSSL hide under the rocks, and those using XSLT shouth
out so loud?



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