[dssslist] On ISO

Subject: [dssslist] On ISO
From: Javier Farreres <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 08:50:21 +0200
Hi Pavel

The subject title is not trying

1. People do not cry out loud about the things that are free and just silently perform. Just no need..

Yes yes, I understand what you mean. I am just wandering why, if there are companies working with DSSSL, why are they so quiet. When the argument starts, noone sais I work with DSSSL.

2. Another reason for XML/XSLT popularity vs SGML/DSSSL is that the fomer pair are readily available (and more or less readable) W3C standards and the second belongs to ISO. To me ISO is a patented cemetery for good technical ideas for 2 reaons:
2.1. Its pricing and copyright policies make the standards hardly affordable to the students, who are IMHO one of themain workhorse of the technical progress.
2.2. The ISO's passion to perfection makes the standards hardly readable even for the seasoned practitioners.

I think I must agree. I didn't know all these things until I got the DSSSL book published. We had to contact ISO for publishing rights. Although I copied no part of it, some isolated paragraphs were so well written in the standard that I couldn't think of a better explanation but the standard one. They asked for a mad quantity of money, which obliged me to remove a bunch of paragraphs from the book.

But, on the other hand, I think ISO is a more reliable source, when we talk about international standards, than W3C. But I am perhaps wrong on this.


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