[dssslist] Re: Problems with ? for page numbers in index

Subject: [dssslist] Re: Problems with ? for page numbers in index
From: Jeremy Malcolm <Jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 16:02:34 +0800
Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> I hope someone on this list can give me some help with DocBook SGML 
> indexing.  I get ? instead of page numbers in my print format (PDF) 
> index, but in HTML format it comes out fine.  It doesn't matter how many 
> times I run pdfjadetex on my tex file.

No replies, so I probably need to give some more information.  I have 
figured out this much from Googling and trial and error (since they're 
not documented anywhere):

* An index entry is only placed where there is an <indexterm> in my
   SGML document, so if I want the same word indexed whenever it occurs
   I still have to manually insert <indexterm>s at each occurence.

* When generating the index, it references the term with an AEN
   (all-element-number) which is the count of the SGML elements that
   preceded that point (so I can't mess around with the SGML source
   after generating an index from it, or the page numbers will be wrong).

The problem I am experiencing is that, in a large index, maybe 
three-quarters of my entries don't work.  In the places where it doesn't 
work, I either get ? (most common, no hyperlink), or ?? (rarely, 
hyperlinked to page 1).  In the places where it does work, the hyperlink 
to the page is the wrong number.

For example auDA appears in my document and is indexed eight times, but 
only comes up twice: "to auDA, but retained control" on page 67 (indexed 
as 22) and "control over the au ccTLD to auDA" on page 105 (indexed as 57).

Would it help to send some tex or SGML source?  Could this be a platform 
issue?  (I'm running on Mac OS X.)


Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
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