RE: [jats-list] Media reference

Subject: RE: [jats-list] Media reference
From: Mike Eden <meden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:27:40 +0000
Hi Rebecca,

Yes, but it seems that <media> is has two faces, once as an alternative 
component to <graphic> or <table>, both of which are wrapped inside a 
higher element (<fig> or <table-wrap>) . The second face is the <media> as 
a distinct type of content - Movie, sound file etc, equivalent level to 
<fig> or <table-wrap>.

And there is still the question regarding <xref   ref-type="media"> not 
existing for either of the above.

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Subject:        RE: [jats-list]  Media reference


Doesn't the <media> element work for this (available in NLM DTD and JATS)?

<media> Media Object
An external file that holds a media object, such as an animation or a 
The "content" of the <media> element is not the object itself, but merely 
information concerning the object. The external file that contains the 
object is named by the @xlink:href attribute.


p.s. Making us of the cool new functionality to add permalinks to all the 
pages of the documentation, so it was easy for me to send a link to the 
exact page!

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Subject: [jats-list] Media reference

I'm having trouble deciding how to code a media sound file  that is not 
supplementary material. This is for an online only title that has 
reference to sound file (speech).  <xref> attribute ref-type does not 
include "media" or anything similar. "other" seems to be a bit loose. Also 

it is strange that there is no over arching grouping element for this kind 

of stand alone media. Do other users of JATS code these within <fig> (and 
consider it an "audible" figure)?  If so then presumably one could use 
fig-type="sound-file" or fig-type="media".
I'd very much appreciate thoughts on this.

Mike Eden

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