[jats-list] PMC in the web of data

Subject: [jats-list] PMC in the web of data
From: Alexander Garcia Castro <alexgarciac@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 17:32:50 +0200
the open access subset of PMC is now fully annotated with biomedical
ontologies. the work is described at
the dataset and a small prototype is available at http://biotea.idiginfo.org/

PMC has been transformed into self-describing machine-readable
scholarly documents. We understand the scientific document as an entry
point and interface to the Web of Data. We have semantically processed
the full-text, open-access subset of PubMed Central. Our RDF model and
resulting dataset make extensive use of existing ontologies and
semantic enrichment services. We expose our model, services,
prototype, and datasets athttp://biotea.idiginfo.org/

Alexander Garcia

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