Re: [jats-list] Tagging article series across issues

Subject: Re: [jats-list] Tagging article series across issues
From: Nikos Markantonatos <nikos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:41:55 +0300
Hi Laura,

I think the definition of <series-title> in JATS is a little ambiguous. If you look at the NLM DTD v1.0 definition, it clearly states that the series-title can span multiple issues:

> Some issues of journals are part of a publishing series. These
> journals will have series information (just as they have an issue
> number), as part of the article metadata, to describe the series of
> the journal in which the article is published.

I am not sure why this explanation did not survive until JATS, but even JATS hints to multiple issues in the "Remarks" section:

> Within the article metadata, the <series-title> element names a
> publishing or in-journal series and the <series-text> element
> provides textual description (if any) of the series.

The in-journal series which JATS talks about is certainly not within the same issue.

If you move away from the series-title/series-text solution, you can always encode your research topics as

<subj-group subj-group-type="research-topic">

and assign each article those that represent it. Then, a search over each such topic, will furnish the collection of articles under each topic, which the publisher can then render at will.


On 07/30/2013 02:54 PM, Randall, Laura (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [E] wrote:
Hello, all.

Does anyone know if the JATS has a way to tag series information in an article's metadata that applies to a series that isn't limited to a single issue?

I know about <series-title> and <series-text> in <article-categories>, but the definition of <series-title> clearly states that it only applies to a series within a single issue of a journal.
"Title of the journal series (bibliographic) or series of articles internal to one issue of a journal"

We're working with a publisher who identifies "Research Topics" in some of their articles and then provides a summary and a list of the articles on that topic. Here's one example:

<series-title> was my first thought, but these articles span publication units (they don't actually have issues at all), so they don't really qualify.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Laura Randall

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