Re: [jats-list] when to use 'media' vs 'supplementary-material'

Subject: Re: [jats-list] when to use 'media' vs 'supplementary-material'
From: Mike Eden <meden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 15:14:19 +0000
Hi Tom,

I had a similar query to the group last year and Jeff gave a useful

Re: [jats-list] Media reference

Beck, Jeff (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [E]
11/02/2013 16:24

Please respond to jats-list

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure if this is a case where we don't have enough elements to
correctly cover your situation, or we have too many elements already and
you have a new application that makes us a little uncomfortable to extend
one of the existing ones.

In JATS we have four elements that handle general article-level objects of
interest: figure, table-wrap, boxed-text, and supplementary-material. They
are all used to hold some named thing and the text that is associated with
it. The models are the same or very similar:

There is some name of the thing (<label>), and associated <caption> with a
<title> and text (para-level elements).

There is the thing of interest - usually <graphic> or <media> in <fig>,
<table> in <table-wrap>, section-level content in <boxed-text>, and
generally <media> in <supplementary-material>. But what's in it doesn't
define what it is. We see figures with just text or lists, tables with
graphics or just lists, and nearly anything in <boxed-text>.

I suppose if we were starting fresh, we'd make an <article-level-object>
element with this model and type them as figure, table, audio object, etc.
But much of JATS is based on existing tagging practice, and we inherited
these named article-level objects.

But <graphic> can exist in body text. This is important to remember when
you think about the difference between a figure and simply an image.
Perhaps we need a <media-object> element added to the list of existing
article level objects of interesting things that would do the same thing
for <media> that <fig> does for <graphic>, but the model will wind up
being the same, I would imagine.

I'd say for your sound file, make the decision the same way you would
decide between tagging a full-blown figure and a <graphic> in the flow of
the body text. If you want to name it (Audio 1), or give it a title, or
caption, then tag it as a <fig> with a @fig-type="audio" or some other

<fig fig-type="audio" id="azr24a">
  <label>Audio 1</label>
    <title>Speech speech!</title>
    <p>text about the speech</p>
  <media .../>

I apologize for all of the philosophizing at the beginning of the message.


On 2/11/13 8:36 AM, "Mike Eden" <meden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I'm having trouble deciding how to code a media sound file  that is not
>supplementary material. This is for an online only title that has
>reference to sound file (speech).  <xref> attribute ref-type does not
>include "media" or anything similar. "other" seems to be a bit loose.
>it is strange that there is no over arching grouping element for this
>of stand alone media. Do other users of JATS code these within <fig> (and
>consider it an "audible" figure)?  If so then presumably one could use
>fig-type="sound-file" or fig-type="media".
>I'd very much appreciate thoughts on this.
>Mike Eden

However I think that adding "media" to ref-type would be a good thing to

Mike Eden

Cambridge University Press

From:   TOM MOWLAM <tom.mowlam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     "jats-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Date:   17/01/2014 15:01
Subject:        [jats-list] when to use 'media' vs

Dear All - this is a question about JATS Publishing 1.0.

We have an article which contains a video file which is referred-to within
the text and will be included within the document - it is not clear to me
whether the video file should be tagged as 'media' or

The difference between the tags is documented for the 'media' tag as
The element <media> should be used for movies, audio clips, or media in
other formats which is intrinsic to the document?s content, that is, the
media object is discussed within the document.
The element <supplementary-material> should be used for films, audio
clips, or other material which enhances a document, but which is not
discussed as part of the document.

The difference between the tags is documented for the
'supplementary-material' as follows (pretty much the same):
The element <media> should be used for video, audio clips, time-dependent
graphic types, and all moving images in other media formats where the
material is intrinsic to the content, that is, the media object is
discussed within the text or is essential to the message of the text.
The element <supplementary-material> should be used for films, audio
clips, other moving material, and non-XML formats or even other XML
material that enhances or supplements a document, but that is not
discussed as part of the document or is not essential to the conclusions
of the text. Such supplementary material could include the datasets or
spreadsheets on which the textual conclusions are based.

I take this to mean that 'media' is for items which are part of the
documents content and are discussed within the content - ie like figures
and tables, and 'supplementary material' is for other supporting files.
I would therefore expect it to be possible to cross-reference 'media' in
the same way as figures and tables within 'xref':
?BUT? there is no 'ref-type' attribute value that corresponds to 'media' -
although there is a 'ref-type' attribute value that corresponds to

It doesn't seem right that it is possible to cross-reference
'supplementary-material' which is "not discussed as part of the document"
but it is not possible to cross-reference 'media' which "is intrinsic to
the document's content, that is, the media object is discussed within the
document"... so I have taken the wrong fork somewhere in the road, and
would appreciate someone putting me back on the right track! :-)

BTW, in my opinion, it would be helpful if:
1- the difference between 'media' and 'supplementary-material' was
described consistently on the 'media' and 'supplementary-material' pages
(and perhaps 'video' should be used throughout rather than mixing 'movie',
'film' and 'video')
2 - a tagging example was included on the 'media' page

Best wishes, and have a great weekend!


Tom Mowlam
Director of Operations
Ubiquity Press Ltd.

+44 7800 564 210
Skype: tom.mowlam

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