[jats-list] [ANN] Call for Participation: Balisage 2018

Subject: [jats-list] [ANN] Call for Participation: Balisage 2018
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Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2018 20:50:42 -0000
Balisage: The Markup Conference 2018
July 31 b 3, 2018, Rockville, MD (a suburb of Washington, DC)
July 30, 2018 b Pre-conference Symposium - Topic to be announced

Are you interested in open information, reusable documents, and vendor and
application independence? Then you need descriptive markup, and will love
Balisage. Balisage brings together document architects; librarians;
archivists; computer scientists; XML wizards; XSLT, XQuery, and XProc
programmers; implementers of XSLT and XQuery engines and other markup-related
software; XForms developers; semantic-Web evangelists; standards developers;
academics; industrial researchers; government and NGO staff; industrial
developers; practitioners; consultants; and the worldbs greatest
concentration of markup theorists. Some participants are busy designing
replacements for XML while others still use SGML (and know why they do).
Discussion is open, candid, and unabashedly technical. Content-free marketing
spiels are unwelcome and ineffective.

Balisage: where serious markup practitioners and theoreticians meet every
August. We solicit papers on any aspect of markup and its uses; topics include
but are not limited to:

b" Cutting-edge applications of XML and related technologies
b" Integration of XML with other technologies (e.g., content management,
XSLT, XQuery)
b" Performance issues in parsing, XML database retrieval, or XSLT processing
b" Development of angle-bracket-free user interfaces for non-technical users
b" Deployment of XML systems for enterprise data
b" Design and implementation of XML vocabularies
b" Case studies of the use of XML for publishing, interchange, or archiving
b" Alternatives to XML/JSON/whatever
b" Expressive power and application adequacy of XSD, Relax NG, DTDs,
Schematron, and other
schema languages
b" Invisible XML

Detailed Call for Participation:
Call for Peer Reviewers:  https://www.balisage.net/peer/ReviewAppForm.html
About Balisage:  https://www.balisage.net/

For more information: info@xxxxxxxxxxxx or +1 301 315 9631

Balisage: The Markup Conference
There is Nothing As Practical As A Good Theory

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2018          mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
July 31 - August 3, 2018                       http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium: July 30, 2018                 +1 301 315 9631

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