[jats-list] JATS4R Peer review materials recommendation...and more

Subject: [jats-list] JATS4R Peer review materials recommendation...and more
From: "Melissa Harrison m.harrison@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 07:23:10 -0000
Hi there

JATS4R is releasing the Peer review materials
<https://jats4r.org/peer-review-materials/> recommendation for public
commenting today. The commenting period will run until 30th October.
Please provide all your feedback by using the Googledocs commenting
functionality on the Googledoc version
of the recommendation.

You may notice that the website has been refreshed in conjunction with this
recommendation release. We hope you like it!

Also done with this is the release of Data citations - version 2
<https://jats4r.org/data-citations> and CRediT taxonomy - version 1.1

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on published
recommendations, which has led to these new versions. We will soon be
releasing a 1.1 version of the Funding recommendation.

Now all comments and feedback can be posted on the recommendations directly
on the website.

The new site also has a roadmap <https://jats4r.org/roadmap> of all the
suggested recommendations that have not yet been actioned, and you can also
suggest a recommendation. This is a work in progress and our next step is
to plan some community calls so we can tidy this section up and set up some
new subgroups to tackle what we all need the most. We look forward to
working with you all to achieve this.


(on behalf of the JATS4R Steering Committee)

Melissa Harrison
Head of Production Operations

Tel: +44 1223 855340



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