[jats-list] [ANN] Accessibility: Blind Canadian scholars presentation

Subject: [jats-list] [ANN] Accessibility: Blind Canadian scholars presentation
From: "Mark Weiler mweiler@xxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:08:35 -0000
To those focused on how JATS can address features needed for print-disabled

On October 3rd, a group of blind Canadian students and scholars will be on a
panel at the Canadian Research Knowledge
community/program/ensuring-worlds-knowledge-accessible-all> to talk about
experiences with journal and digital content inaccessibility.

The panelists will provide a range of perspectives (from undergrad, to
graduate student, to post-doctoral, to faculty) about the importance of
libraries purchasing academic journal articles built with features blind
readers in university need. The disadvantages created by not being able to get
page numbers from reading materials in academic environments will probably
come up.  Ibll be moderating the panel.

bEnsuring that the bWorldbs Knowledge is Accessible By Allb: Canadian
Blind Scholars Share their Experiences of Journal and other Digital Contentb
The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and its members are critical
partners in the work of ensuring access to the worldbs knowledge for a
diversity of students and faculty with print disabilities. The 2016 CRKN model
license was a step in the right direction. However, unless principles of
accessibility are intentionally centred at all stages of CRKNbs activities -
from procurement of academic journal subscriptions and eBooks, to negotiation
with vendors, and the digitization of existing and often historic print
resources - CRKN members may actually create and sustain accessibility
barriers for disabled readers. In this round table presentation, blind
scholars from diverse academic fields of study at Canadian universities and at
various stages of our academic careers will highlight why strong and
reciprocal community collaboration and deliberate relationship building are
essential for CRKN to ensure its activities support digital accessibility. The
panel will demonstrate how blind scholars access journal articles and eBooks
with screen readers and braille displays. We will describe the everyday access
barriers we face when we try to engage with the journal articles and other
digital materials we require to complete and teach courses and undertake a
diversity of research projects. We will also describe the significant personal
impacts of encountering inaccessible library materials. Finally, we will offer
our perspectives on practical solutions that are grounded in an assertion that
accessibility is necessarily facilitated by a collective commitment across
CRKN members and a collaborative relationship that centres diverse disabled
expertise in all aspects of this work.

Mark Weiler, MLIS, PhD
Web & User Experience Librarian | Psychology & User Experience Design
Web Accessibility Specialist | JAWS certified, 2020
Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Ave, West
Office: Waterloo campus Library, room 104
Phone: If speaking together is preferred, please email me first

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