[niso-sts] JATS-Con 2019

Subject: [niso-sts] JATS-Con 2019
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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 15:48:03 -0000
JATS-Con 2019  https://www.eventsforce.net/jats2019

JATS-Con is a peer-reviewed conference for users of JATS (the NISO Z39.96-2015
Journal Article Tag Suite).

In 2019, JATS-Con will be held at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre
just outside of Cambridge, UK, on 20th - 21st May 2019. This will be the 9th
conference in the JATS-Con series.

JATS-Con - the conference on the use of the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS)
in publishing workflows - has been brought to you from the National Library of
Medicine, Bethesda, USA since 2010. In 2019, along with a pond-hopping change
of venue, the conference will expand in content scope and mix the
tried-and-tested JATS-Con papers with invited keynote presentations and poster

This year, the theme of JATS-Con will be the changing face of journal
publishing. We encourage submissions on the use of JATS Tag Suite or
equivalent DTDs in any publication workflow, from core production tasks to
cutting-edge applications in the areas of data integration, publishing peer
review materials and preprints in journals, books and documents. We hope to
explore how JATS can help address critical themes for scholarship, such as
scientific reproducibility, versioning, and author credit. We welcome
submissions on any of these themes, or others, from any scholarly subject area
of publishing.

register: https://www.eventsforce.net/wgcconferencecentre/17/register
information: https://www.eventsforce.net/jats2019

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