[niso-sts] STS and triples?

Subject: [niso-sts] STS and triples?
From: "Ivan Salcedo ivan.salcedo@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <niso-sts-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 11:33:29 -0000
During the last STS maintenance meeting we discussed the potential use case
for expressing either information using STS in a 'triple' format, or to
integrate triples nicely into existing STS markup.

I was advised that the documentation suggests it can be done:

I'm keen to check if anyone on the list is using STS in this fashion and any
further advice or examples on implementation?

I'm representing the interests of others, so my examples may not be clear
enough, but I think the general intentions/questions are:
-       Link terms to external ontologies (eg term A is defined at endpoint
-       Allow for explicit relationship declarations (eg standard X supersedes
standard Y)
-       Declare relationships between elements, possibly namespaced in from
another tag set (a print document may expect natural language, but a machine
readable document may prefer subject verb object constructs for example)

Any thoughts/advice?


Ivan Salcedo
Principal, Knowledge Innovation
T: +44 208 996 7215  | M: +44 7961 425751


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