Re: More XSL Discussion

Subject: Re: More XSL Discussion
From: Sean Mc Grath <digitome@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 18:06:31 GMT
>[Sean Mc Grath]
>> Now you have me worried! Can you please explain this? Lets say I
>> have a really simple stylesheet. One construction rule for title
>> elements. That is all - no fancy selects or modes or stuff. Just
>> this:
>> <xsl>
>> <rule>
>> <target-element type = "title">
>> <DIV>
>> <children/>
>> </DIV>
>> </rule>
>> </xsl>
>> My document has 10 title elements. If I understand you correctly
>> you are saying
>> 1) This construction rule might be executed 1000 times
>> 2) The order in which the title elements in my document are
>> processed is random.
>> I don't get it:-(
[Chris Maden]
>This is the essence of the difference between scripting and building
>flow trees.
>In one case, you can say, "For the numbered paragraphs, build a
>paragraph flow object containing a literal of the union of the first
>ten words and the last ten words; if any words are omitted, place
>ellipses between the first and last words."  This will create an
>output flow object, and it will create the same one in the same place,
>regardless of the processing model.

Okay! I'm half way there. An XSL processor is free
to create the flow objects in any order it likes cos the place they
are going in the resultant tree does not depend on creation order.
Fine. The part I still don't get is how the rule might be
triggered 1000 times?

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