RE: Attribute name and value

Subject: RE: Attribute name and value
From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 17:23:44 -0700
This looks fine to me - I get the same error you do.  I don't know exactly
what is going on here, but I will try to ensure that the next release
behaves better.

Jonathan Marsh
Program Manager, XSL

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		Subject:	Attribute name and value

		Hello list,

		I have a problem with attributes.
		I have the following XML file:

		          <Name type="1">America Online</Name>
		          <Modif>1998-2-2 19:34:19</Modif>
		          <Name type="4">Athlete's Foot</Name>
		          <Modif>1998-2-2 19:34:28</Modif>

		And the corresponding XSL rule are:

		          <target-element type="Name">
		               <atttribute name="type" value="1"/>

		          <target-element type="Name">
		               <atttribute name="type" value="4"/>

		When using MSXML, both type="1" and type="4" get the same
image. MSXML
		always uses the second rule (actually it probably overrides
the first

		Is there something wrong with my syntax?

		David Codish

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