RE: comp.text.xml

Subject: RE: comp.text.xml
From: Jim Jackl-Mochel <jmochel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 07:28:13 -0400
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| 1ST CALL FOR VOTES: comp.text.xml
| Official Usenet Voting Ballot <CTX-0001> (Do not remove this line!)
| Please provide your real name, or your vote may be rejected.  Place
| ONLY your name (ie. do NOT include your e-mail address or any other
| information; ONLY your name) after the colon on the following line:

Voter name: Jim Jackl-Mochel

| Insert YES, NO, ABSTAIN, or CANCEL inside the brackets for each
| newsgroup listed below (do not delete the newsgroup name):

 Your Vote   Newsgroup
 ---------   -----------------------------------------------------------
[YES ]  comp.text.xml

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