DO NOT VOTE HERE !!! (was: comp.text.xml)

Subject: DO NOT VOTE HERE !!! (was: comp.text.xml)
From: Daniel Glazman <Daniel.Glazman@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:47:59 +0100
Jim Jackl-Mochel wrote:
> ======== BEGINNING OF BALLOT: Delete everything before this line =======
> .-----------------------------------------------------------------------
> | 1ST CALL FOR VOTES: comp.text.xml
> | Official Usenet Voting Ballot <CTX-0001> (Do not remove this line!)

Please !!!! I don't want to receive copy of all voting ballots
from all the people who subscribed to this list !

The initial message requested to just "click on reply".

	=====> DON'T DO THAT !!!! <=======

The message has been relayed by xsl-list and it adds a Reply-To header
field ! Please take the time to type the voting address !


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