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Subject: Re: Interactive XML
From: Nigel Hutchison <nwoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:40:37 +0200
At 06:57 AM 6/24/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>  I'm curious if others >share that view [on the need for interactivity],
>and how much thought and work has gone into
>>this aspect of XSL so far.  Is this a version 1.0 issue? Or
>>does it wait till we get hung punctuation nailed?
>Others share the concern. The XML/EDI community has made a number of
>comments on the current, inadequate, XSL requirements statement, and has
>repeatedly pointed out that a generalized mechanism is a must. Unfortunately
>it looks like we won't get it for Version 1.0, and will not get a date for
>it in this century. However, I live in hope and eagerly await next month's
>draft in the hope I will be proved wrong.
>Martin Bryan

We did an experiment here at Software AG where we took an application
with an HTML interface and converted it to use XML using XSL stylesheets.

As the original interface generated its own HTML forms we defined a sort
of XML version of HTML form elements. Then we thought up more high level
elements for  radio button GROUPs,etc  - rather in the style of
Of course we also realised it would be nice to have a standard.

There must be others on this list with similar hands on experience.

We could come up with a proposal on this list could we not?


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