Re: CFV: comp.text.xml

Subject: Re: CFV: comp.text.xml
From: Neil Crellin <neilc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 Jun 1998 15:13:47 -0700
Please note that votes are only counted if they are mailed to the
voting address. Replying to messages posted to xsl-list by default
appears to go to the list. DO NOT REPLY to the CFV posted to xsl-list
in order to vote, as this will cause your vote to go to the entire
list, not the voting address. Please also note that the mailing of a
filled ballot to a public forum such as a mailing list is grounds for
disqualification of your vote, as it is difficult to distinguish such
accidents from deliberate attempts at incomplete and misleading
how-to-vote campaigns.

-Neil Crellin
Usenet Volunteer Votetakers

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