Interactive XML

Subject: Interactive XML
From: "Bill Lindsey" <blindsey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 15:57:21 -0600
The working draft of the requirements summary for XSL [1] speaks
to the need to support interactive behaviors with mention made
of input events, forms, and the editing of structured documents.

The initial submission to the W3C [2] appears to focus solely
on static rendering.  So far, the discussion here has a similar

I can see a huge value in having a vendor and platform neutral,
declarative language for specifying user interfaces to structured
data.  In fact, I'm looking at a great potential application
in the health care field right now.  I'm curious if others
share that view, and how much thought and work has gone into
this aspect of XSL so far.  Is this a version 1.0 issue? Or
does it wait till we get hung punctuation nailed?

Just curious,



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