RE: XSL Spec? (WAY off topic)

Subject: RE: XSL Spec? (WAY off topic)
From: Deborah Aleyne Lapeyre <dalapeyre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 13:53:44 -0400
>I believe the draft will be released in mid-August, which is informally
>being referred to as July 45th for this purpose (grin)

This is a fine and upstanding custom, perpetuated by the US Congress who
insist that they learned it from English common law.  It is called the
"Legislative Day", and it works like this:
   If they have agreed to do something by, say, the 5th of July,
   and on the 5th it becomes obvious that there is NO WAY it will be
   finished in time, they delcare that the "Legislative Day" is the
   5th of July.  Thereafter, all legal records contain both
   the Calendar Date (say October 8th) and the Legislative Day (still
   the 5th of July) until they officially adjourn for the "day".

Sigh.  I waver between digust and envy at the ability to rearrange the
world like that.


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