New XSL standard, new opportunity

Subject: New XSL standard, new opportunity
From: "Pasqualino \"Titto\" Assini" <assini@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 20:13:18 +0200
The new XSL standard is out (

As expected the syntax and the capabilities of the standard have been
extensivily changed/expanded.

I got only a superficial look at the standard but it seems that existing
XSL processor will have to be heavily
modified or even rewritten by scratch.

This is not necessarily bad news as this might be a great opportunity to
put together all those interested in developing an open source java XSL

Sean Russell, the original writer of Docproc, has manifested the
intention to put new life in the development of his processor by making
it open source and accepting the help of other developers.

Another ongoing development effort, by Jeremy Calles , has been
announced on the xsl-list.

Other people have declared their interest in these projects and their
intention to help.

So why don't we try to put all these "resources" together in a common
project ?

That will necessarily imply establishing a list of desired features, to
decide which kind of free licencing to adopt and the name of the
project, to form a group to manage the project, etc.

This is a little more complex than just "writing the code and putting it
on the web", but it's the model that worked so well for other major
freeware developments such as Apache.

Hopefully waiting for your remarks. 

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