Re: New/old pattern syntax, why can't we have both ?

Subject: Re: New/old pattern syntax, why can't we have both ?
From: James Robertson <jamesr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:48:59 +1000
At 01:31 20/08/1998 , you wrote:

  | You would write a layer that will plug in the existing SAX or DOM
  | interface of your XML parser, expand the 
  | short form if detected and return, again through SAX or DOM, the
  | expanded XML.
  | This would need to be written only once and might work with any SAX/DOM
  | XML parser. 

Written once in what programming language?

Would this single piece of code be useable in: DOS/Windows 3.11/Window 95/
Windows NT/all Unix flavours/mainframes/Macs/C/C++/Pascal/Ada/Java/Visual

XML is a standard document format.

It is _not_ a standard set of tools, however common SAX/DOM may end
up being.


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