Re: First working draft of XSL

Subject: Re: First working draft of XSL
From: ht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Henry S. Thompson)
Date: 20 Aug 1998 15:07:38 +0100
Jeremy CALLES <Jeremy.Calles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> According to the 2.6.4 Matching the Root Node, '/' matches the root
> node.
> Can the root node be matched by is name? 

Sorry this isn't clearer:  as 2.4.1 says, the root node is NOT an
element node, it is the root of node tree, whose only daughter is the
element node for the document element.

> Because when you write an XSL StyleSheet for a specific DTD, it could be
> easier,much more natural to find the root node if it could be matched by
> is name.

In the context of modular stylesheets, it sometimes makes sense to
distinguish a template for the root from templates for various
possible document elements.

Another way to think of it is that '/' matches the root, while '/doc'
matches the document element, provided it is called 'doc'.

Hope this helps,

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