RE: Microsoft extensions to XSL (was RE: how to call Javascript function in .xsl file) function in .xsl file)

Subject: RE: Microsoft extensions to XSL (was RE: how to call Javascript function in .xsl file) function in .xsl file)
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 10:19:07 -0500
Hi Ray,

Ray said:
[Why do I have to choose between DCOM, CORBA, or RMI, why can't I have all?]

Good Question. And I agree on that.

The problem is that RMI is owned by SUN and some _licencee_ are trying hard
to transform Java from solely a manufacturer property to a real standard
owned by the collectivity.

DOM is already owned by the collectivity and implemented or being
implemented on several platform: Microsoft (windows), Software AG (several
Unix), Bristol (Several Unix), Linux group (Linux)

CORBA has some free implementations and some products from manufacturers.

Of course, actually these technologies are contrary to the thin client - fat
server philosophy because they need to be installed on the client first
(except DCOM which comes with Windows) and are not part of W3 activity
(exception for HTTP NG which occupy the transport level and not the
interface definition level - and is managed by IETF more than W3 - Thanks,
at least this workgroup is _really_ democratic and do not need membership
based on fees like W3 does).

We'll see if Linux group will integrate at least the two public standards:
CORBA and DCOM. Actually, within the group there is work on both.

Sorry but RMI is the property of SUN (look at the license contract) and
cannot freely be integrated in _open_ platforms without a risk of being
sued. So, it seems with a certain confidence that the only platform that
will at least support two "language independent" object middelware will be
Linux. Windows will probably support only one except if Linux is kicking its
butt to support both.

To go back to the subject: I saw that the proposal to have script extension
to XSL is not only presented by Microsoft but also supported by others, is
it true? For those part of W3 workgroup, what is the state of these
discussions? (please with objectivity and pros and cons).

Didier PH Martin

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