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Subject: RE: XSL : Another question
From: Ed Nixon <ed.nixon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 11:08:31 -0500
I doubt this is what you have in mind but it might be interesting for you to 
check out: the InDelv software (which was available for free download) used an 
XML dialect for initializing windows and spawning subwindows, etc. They have 
done a flip recently with respect to the beta program they were running which 
is not terribly well explained on their site. I don't know whether or not you 
can still download the code. In any event, the URL is:


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Does someone is using XSL (or something else) for automaticaly generating a
Graphical User Interface (in Java AWT/SWING) from an XML document ?


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