Re: Problems with iso-8859-1

Subject: Re: Problems with iso-8859-1
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01 Feb 1999 20:59:04 +0100
* Chris Tomlinson
| I'm using XP and SAX and have no problem with ISO 8859-1, so I doubt
| that your problem is with SAX.

Maybe this warrants a longer explanation. Since the Java version of
SAX is defined in Java, the character set used in all strings is
tacitly assumed to be Unicode, since Java uses this as its internal
character set. 

Also, SAX uses the Java distinction between byte streams (where
characters are represented in terms of their raw byte encoding) and
character streams (where the bytes have been interpreted into Unicode

So, SAX delivers Unicode characters to the application (in this case
the XSL engine), and whether ISO 8859-1 can be handled or not depends
entirely on whether the parser can decode ISO 8859-1 into Unicode.

Hopefully, this clarified things a bit. (Or at least muddied the
waters thoroughly. :)

--Lars M.

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