Re: Problems with iso-8859-1

Subject: Re: Problems with iso-8859-1
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01 Feb 1999 23:45:52 +0100
* Chris Tomlinson
| And XP handles ISO 8859-1

It does. I just checked.

| which I believe is simply code page zero(0) of Unicode?

The Unicode characters below code point 256 are identical to ISO
8859-1, yes.

The encoding is different from UTF-8, though, so if you attempt to
parse an ISO 8859-1 file that uses characters above number 127 as
UTF-8 you'll get into trouble. Either you'll have illegal bit
sequences or the characters will be misinterpreted.

--Lars M.

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