Re: Pecision

Subject: Re: Pecision
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 14:47:45 -0600
Didier PH Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> According to xml specs and latest XSL specs, to produce SGML documents as
> output from a XSL style: If the SGML entity has no open omitag, then the
> begin end end tag could be inseted as is in a template, otherwise, if a SGML
> element has only an open omitag (no ending tag) then the XSL interpreter
> would consider this a a bad formed document and generate an error. Thus, to
> include SGML elements having an open ended omitag I would need to enclode
> the SGML element with: <![CDATA[<tbody> bla bla...]]>. <!ELEMENT tbody -o
> etc... >

> Do I interpret well the specs in their actual state?

No. None of this is correct.

The note in 2.2 indicates that you should build the *structure* using XML
elements. You use XML syntax in XSL stylesheets so ommitag is not
relevant. Once a document tree has been built your application can save it
as XML, SGML, PDF, TeX or any other tree-structured format if 

 a) it supports that format 
 b) you told it you want that format as output with a namespace

If your stylesheet engine does NOT support that format, then no amount of
CDATA trickery will help. It isn't useful. You will just get frustrated as
dozens of others on this list have before you. Search for "CDATA", "HTML",
and "<" in the archive. As far as I know there is no XSL engine that
supports reference concrete syntax SGML output.

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