Re: Venting

Subject: Re: Venting
From: "Rick Ross" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 12:25:32 -0500
Peace on Earth, goodwill to men :)

We're encountering a pitfall that seems more the norm than the exception on
listservs - people are drawing lines in the sand rather than engaging in
rich dialog and exploring an important issue about which people have
well-formed and significantly differing viewpoint.

I was really glad to read Guy's point of view, and I suspect that the
differing positions are less mutually exclusive than they may appear at
first glance. We need for a quality exposition of the meaningful points at
issue to ensue, not confrontation or frustration.

XSL has a very bright future - but it must thrive in a marketplace, not just
in technology discussions. It is in ALL of our best interests for this
conversation to lead to an outstanding result. I urge us to continue a
quality discussion on the subject of separating the pieces without
destroying their linkage.

Let's specifically avoid a jihad!


Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> OK lets sacrafice XSL on the alter of marketing spin so you can describe
> your product as 100% XSL compliant.
> As a developer however, excuse me if I don't like the idea.
> Cheers
>      Guy.
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