MS patents style sheets

Subject: MS patents style sheets
From: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 14:18:00 -0500
How's this one?  Picked it up from another mailing list, which cited the 4
February 1999 Seybold Report:

>In January, the U.S. Patent Office awarded Microsoft a patent 
>that could have a major impact on Web standards....We're not 
>sure yet just how much of the CSS and XSL recommendations might 
>be covered under Microsoft's patent or whether the patent 
>will have any direct effect on how vendors and developers 
>implement the standards. 

Don't know how much more I can report without infringing Seybold too
horribly.  They have ties to, so we may see a story come out of
there soon.  If you have access to the report, track it down, and if you
don't, order it as a back issue.  It's a good story.

Elliotte Rusty Harold's Cafe Con Leche ( picked
it up, and has a pointer to the patent:

Rumor also has it that the Web Standards Project will have some comments

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