?<xsl:apply-templates select="tag"/>?

Subject: ?<xsl:apply-templates select="tag"/>?
From: Stephen Yearl <stephen_yearl@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 12:32:23 -0500
Hi all,

Whilst <xsl:apply-templates select="tag"/> works in XT, it seems not to with the
processor in IE5.0. The simple problem I'm trying to overcome is the rendering
in HTML of multiple sub-elements of an element.

>From the XML <bioghist><tag>...</tag><tag>...</tag></bioghist> I should like the
HTML <P>...</P><P>...</P>.

Under XT I can achieve this by creating a template-match for tag, and
referencing that template with <xsl:apply-templates select="tag"/>, but since
this does not work in IE5.0, I've tried other alternatives, none of which work:

1. <xsl:value-of /> returns all of the <tag>s in an unformatted block
2. <xsl:value-of select="tag"/> returns only the first ocurence of <tag>
3. <xsl:apply-templates/> dosen't recognize the template-match created for tag
4. *Wherever* I place process-children or process-select with a for-each
statement I get the following error: "Keyword xsl:process-children may not be
used here".

Surely, there's something I'm missing here?

Stephen Yearl, Project Archivist
Connecticut Historical Society
1 Elizabeth Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 236-5621

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