MSXML in jdk1.1.5

Subject: MSXML in jdk1.1.5
From: Nilofer Motiwala <nilum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:17:51 -0800

I understand that the MSXML parser is integrated into JDK.
	However, i still have problems writing MSXML code.
I have a jdk1.1.5 ( do i need to get a higher version?)

when i try to use the Document, URL, ParseException classes I get errors
for the proper packages have not been imported.

I did find a Document.class in 

but i do not know how to get my program to read from there.
Thus it would be great if someone could show me how to
 use the above menioned classes in my program?

In short what are the "syntatically" correct import declarations to 
be able to use the MSXML stuff

thanks very much for your time
Nilofer Motiwala

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