XSL and IE 5.0 : Nothin` works!

Subject: XSL and IE 5.0 : Nothin` works!
From: Thomas Weholt <u970130@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:42:41

I`m developing a XML-document that doesn`t use a strict database structure
of the contents. First I tried to display the document in IE 5.0, but that
didn`t work, then Lars Marius Garsholt told me about Xt. I hope that Xt
could parse my document to HTML so that I can work on the XSL, which is the
actual problem. I just want to see how the xml-document with the applied
style sheets look in a browser, either parsed beforehand or in the browser

Say the xml-document looks like this :


	    Some text about chapter one.
	The <em>entire</em> story.

	The </i>grand</i> finale bla. bla.
	  Here the conclusion of the story.

As you see the point is that the text isn`t organized strictly as a
database. <em>-tags comes in the middle of a text on different locations
every time etc. This was no big deal using the old xsl-working draft, but
now, with <xsl:for-each ...> kinda stuff, my old style-sheets are useless.
I need a xsl-file with rules that apply to tags regardless of where they
appear in a document. Finally I need a simple xsl to the xml-document above
that would support the newest xsl-working draft or parse with xt. This is
part of an important project at school, and until mid-january I thought all
the style-sheets were finished. But W3C had to change it all, and now
nothing works. 

I need help. Links to docs, sites or tutorials, ANYTHING would help. We`re
approaching our deadline, and my part of the project is at a complete halt
due to this problem ( that the xml-document won`t parse/be displayed in IE

If you now of anything else on this subject, especially source/examples of
applied style sheets, feel free to send them to me. 

Thanks in advance ( just for reading this far anyway ;->)

Best regards,

   Thomas Weholt

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