Subject: RE: CSS and XSL
From: Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:49:57 -0000
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> From: Ray Cromwell [mailto:ray@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> The obvious API for me is one that allows me to take advantage of
> the query portion of XSL.
> For example, a call like this
> NodeSet ns = SAXSL.queryNodes(currentNode, "./book[@title = 'foo']");
> or ala JDBC
> XSLQuery q = SAXSL.createQuery("./book[@title = '?']");
> q.setString(1, "foo");
> NodeSet ns = SAXSL.queryNodes(currentNode, q);
Take a look at the new SAXON 4.0 on (Thanks, Ed Nixon, for the
plug). It's designed to meet this kind of requirement, though currently it
only supports a rather small subset of the XSL pattern syntax.

The idea in SAXON is (a) from XSL you can invoke a Java element handler for
a particular element type (or of course for any match pattern), and (b) from
that element handler you can call applyTemplates(selectPattern) to process
the selected child nodes using their registered XSL templates or Java
element handlers. In other words, you can do all the routine processing in
XSL and escape to Java to process any elements that need special treatment:
or of course you can do it all in XSL or all in Java.

Mike Kay

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